Anita Ekberg, Swedish actress and 1950s-60s sex symbol, dies at 83 – Chicago Tribune



Anita Ekberg in the Fontana di Trevi Enlarged Sce…: http://youtu.be/3o15UTomYsc

Anita Ekberg–What’s My Line: http://youtu.be/lX05Tt-RorM

Dial M in 3D at Siskel


From the article
Arguably the first Hollywood feature to use 3-D in an aesthetically thoughtful way, Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder (1954) was actually barely seen in the format during its original release. The market had been flooded with 3-D films over the previous year and the public was already growing tired of the novelty (countless projection problems didn’t help), so aside from a handful of early screenings, the public only saw a standard 2-D version. A re-release in the ’80s allowed more viewers to see it in 3-D, but a later conversion to a single strip process (the original was a 2-strip 3-D release) brought complaints about the quality. The DCP version showing at the Film Center reportedly captures the effect as Hitchcock intended.